The History of the Petit Gaudí.

In 1904 Antoni Gaudí designed a hexagonal hydraulic mosaic to pave the floor of the casa Batlló. However the mosaics weren’t produced in time and they ended up paving the floors of the service rooms in his posterior work: casa Milà, known as “La Pedrera”.

In order to be true to its origins, at Mosaics Martí we created a scaled reproduction of the original 1904 iron mold with smaller dimensions, and we produce the mosaics using the same technique as at the beginning of the 20th century, achieving, through the blend of primary materials (cement, marble dust and natural pigments) the same surface finish as the original pieces.

With the clear intention of highlighting the Mosaic, here at Eva Gutenberg we have created a sobre presentation package with minimalist graphics and a very conceptual design that interacts with the mosaic without taking the spotlight away from it.

In the process of creating the name, and having gone through several options as is always the case with naming, we decided that this was one of those occasions when simpler is better. Throughout the process of the creation and communication of our products we referred to them this way: the Petit and the Clàssic. And we decided that was the way it should stay.

The team

Ares is the alma mater of the project. From her comes the image of the Petit Gaudí, its minimalism and its most emotive facet.

Iván tries to teach the Petit to relate to people and socialise in such a way as to alway bring out the best in himself.

Albert is our head guru. As a master craftsman he knows all the secrets of the hydraulic mosaic technique.

Nicola, as a true Italian and coffee expert, is in charge of keeping the website and online store awake and running.


A gift of history, handicraft and design from Barcelona

The Petit Gaudí is like holding in your hands an original piece of Barcelona modernism, but also of the history of Barcelona, of its people, of Gaudí, and of all those of us who appreciate the value of small things.


“A hand crafted gift that transmits the values of identity, quality and integrity”.

Petit Gaudí is the brainchild of two catalan SME’s aiming to bring together handicraft and contemporary design. A comprehensive project, reaching its final stages right in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, that stemmed from the desire to bring together the expertise of different professionals to the benefit of a common objective: to restore the value of the small details of life, which, after all, are the most important part.

“A small gift with a big history”

We sent the first samples of the Petit Gaudí to those who we felt were close by in these difficult times, but who were also filled with a new sense of hope and enthusiasm. Discover some of their stories on our Instagram account.


The Petit and the Clàssic

In hommage to Gaudí, in 1997 Paseo de Gracia was paved with a re-edition of the 1904 mosaic adapted for the outdoors: thicker, in bas-relief (the negative) and anti-slip. This is the famous “Panot”, of which we have created a scaled replica for the collection.


Eva Gutenberg’s handicraft line includes the design and production of connecting wooden pieces in different styles and finishes. We decided to complement the Petit and the Clàssic with 3 decorative display stand models, also fashioned out of wood: Eixample, Drac and Elefant.

Furthermore, as this is a limited edition, each piece includes a hand-numbered seal of quality on its underside.

Customised packaging


Organising an event, a public or private act, and looking for a special and unique detail? Customise the packaging of the Petit or the Clàssic Gaudí with text, a logo or a graphic image representing the message you would like to convey.

Sharing values

We can add a message and/or your company logo in the space reserved for customising.

In your style

We can adapt the design of the packaging according to your personal or business requirements.

Adding extra exclusivity

From a fold-out to wherever your imagination takes you. We can offer you creative solutions adapted to your needs.